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LOOS Centrum is part of the global Bosch Group – the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial steam and water boilers for all industries. We have been in business since 1865, and since mid-2012, we have joined forces with Bosch corporation. During more than a century and a half of operation, we have produced more than 140,000 boilers, which we have delivered to more than 165 countries around the world. Our professional factory service guarantees safety and peace of mind for customers.

Bernhard Morawietz Loos Bosch
"I have always known that every factory needs a heart whose beating depends on its strength (energy efficiency), efficiency and cooperation with other organs. For me, the heart of every factory are our industrial boilers, whose longevity and reliability are a huge commitment with our customers. We not only take care of the hearts of Polish hospitals, industrial factories or district heating plants, but also dairies or manufacturing plants from almost every sector of the economy".

LOOS Centrum Board Member
Bernhard Morawietz, MSc Eng


Gunzenhausen Plant – Germany

Bischofshofen Plant – Austria


Philipp Loos Foundation in Neustadt (Pfalz, Germany)
Loos Bosch
New production plant in Gunzenhausen (Bavaria, Germany), start of serial production of vertical 3-pass boilers
Patenting a 3-pass flame and smoke tube boiler
Kocioł Loos Bosch
Another production facility in Bischhofshofen, Austria, to manufacture heating boilers
Zakład produkcyjny w Bischhofshofen | LOOS BOSCH
30,000 boilers delivered, 100th anniversary of Loos
Pierwszy kocioł Loos
Establishment of Loos Centrum in Warsaw (Poland)
100 tysięczny kocioł | LOOS BOSCH
Loos becomes a Bosch company
Kotły Loos Bosch
Rebranding: LOOS to BOSCH
Kotły Loos Bosch
The first digital performance assistant in the industrial boiler market
Serwis kotłów Loos Bosch
Delivery and commissioning of the first hydrogen-fired steam boiler in Poland
H2 LOOS Bosch
LOOS Centrum celebrates its 25th anniversary in Poland
25lat Loos Centrum
Delivery of the first electric steam boiler in Poland
Kocioł elektryczny ELSB LOOS BOSCH
Commissioning of the first electric steam boiler in Poland
Kocioł elektryczny ELSB LOOS BOSCH


Boiler production units/year 1400
700 associates in Germany and Austria
More than 140000 systems in 140+ countries


  • Dimensioning/support
  • Floor plan/layout
  • BIM/3D data
  • Commissioning
  • Operator training
  • Optimization
  • Remote diagnosis and programming
  • Troubleshooting
  • 24/7 readiness
  • 24-hour hotline for spare parts service
  • Acceptance test
  • KKS designation
  • Maintenance services
  • Cyclic boiler inspections
  • Modernization
  • System analysis
  • Performance consulting
  • Modernization of boilers and accessories
  • Certification


LOOS – BOSCH Industrial Boilers becomes the official sponsor of the Polish Ski Association

Adam Małysz Loos Bosch

LOOS International Group of Companies hopes that by supporting ski jumpers it will not only contribute to the popularity of ski jumping, but also help ski jumpers to show the world that we too can win.

“Winter is approaching and we are ready.”
“We can attack the biggest skiing powers from an outsider’s position. Thanks to our coach Apoloniusz Tajner, we could prepare better. In addition, our mental condition is better. This should help us achieve better results the next ski season.”

Adam Małysz at a press conference on November 9, 2000 in Warsaw, before the start of the FIS WORLD CUP 2000/2001 ski season.

“…We have always believed in the tremendous capabilities of Polish skiers, especially Adam Małysz. That’s why we have been working with the Polish Ski Association for years. We have supported our competitors and the Association in difficult and lean years, and we are all the more happy now that the successes are coming…”

says Bernhard Morawietz, LOOS Board Member in Poland.
Warsaw, December 20, 2000

Adam Małysz Loos Bosch
Adam Małysz Loos Bosch

“…The owners of LOOS, as well as many of its employees, are particularly connected with winter sports. One of the production facilities is located in Bischofshofen (Austria). That’s why we are so pleased with Adam Małysz’s victories. We hope that our company’s further development will be accompanied by the continued success of Polish skiers…”

says Bernhard Morawietz.
Warsaw, January 8, 2001


Olympic silver medal on the large hill at Salt Lake 2002
Olympic bronze medal on the medium hill at Salt Lake 2002
1st place at 2001 World Championships in Lahti.
2nd place at 2001 World Championships in Lahti.
1st place at the World Cup in the 2000/2001 season.
1st place at the TCS in the 2000/2001 season
7th place at the World Cup in the 1995/1996 season
Multiple Polish Champion

“I would very much like you to be with us not only during our successes, but also in moments of our failures. I would also like the fans to treat us like normal people, because that’s who we are. Keep your fingers crossed for us in the coming season. Best regards to all Internet users and ski jumping fans.”

Adam Małysz

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