Industrial Boilers

Steam Boilers for Industry and the Energy Sector

Kluczowe cechy naszych kotów parowych:

  • Produkujemy kotły parowe o wydajności od 175 do 55000 kg/h dla szerokiej gamy zastosowań.
  • Zapewniamy maksymalną efektywność energetyczną, która pozwala na oszczędność mediów.
  • Stosujemy zintegrowane systemy automatyki i regulacji. Inteligentne sterowanie marki Bosch zapewnia wygodną i w pełni automatyczną pracę kotła.
  • Gwarantujemy niezawodność i dostęp do części zamiennych.
  • Oferujemy wiele wariatów wyposażenia dostosowanych do indywidualnych potrzeb klienta.
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Water boilers in industrial power generation

Key features of our water boilers:

  • power range from 650 to 38,000 kW
  • customer-specific solutions
  • maximum energy efficiency and performance
  • fuel and utility savings
  • highest possible availability
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Electric Boiler

New among alternative fuel boilers is the CO2-neutral UNIVERSAL ELSB electric steam boiler, which leaves no carbon footprint and is completely environmentally friendly.

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Hybrid Boiler

Using electricity for heating can make sense when green energy is cheaply available.

By integrating an electric heating element of up to 5 MW, our hybrid boilers can use both electricity and their burner to generate steam or hot water.

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Hydrogen boiler

Burning hydrogen (H2) is extremely environmentally friendly. Its combustion does not produce CO2, but pure water.

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Containerized boiler plants

It offers its customers the rental of mobile and container boiler houses.

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Recuperative Boiler

A recovery boiler uses waste heat (flue gas) to generate steam for process purposes. It is ideal for energy concepts, including cogeneration.

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Boiler room equipment

Our components, made in modular design, optimally complement the user’s energy system and facilitate the planning, installation and operation of the plant.

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