High-efficiency cogeneration

What is cogeneration?

Cogeneration is a modern and increasingly popular solution used, among other things, in district heating systems such as industrial boilers.

It is a process involving simultaneous generation of electricity and heat. This solution allows the recovery of waste heat from previous processes, which provides a variety of benefits.

High-efficiency cogeneration

High-efficiency cogeneration

Cogeneration in industrial boilers

Cogeneration works well in the context of industrial boiler operation and heat recovery during the process. The main advantages of this solution are:

  • more efficient use of fuel
  • reduced cost of energy production
  • ecological nature of the boiler (thanks to the use of waste flue gas, the boiler reduces its greenhouse gas emissions)
  • possibility to use a more compact boiler design

Implementation and operating principle

The implementation of recovering the energy contained in flue gas from cogeneration engines/aggregates through cogeneration requires special design solutions. These are mainly implemented in two forms:

  • Heat recovery steam boilers
  • Hybrid boilers
High-efficiency cogeneration

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